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NBAI Cloud Platform empowers you with a variety of AI cloud solutions to accelerate your business growth. It’s a high-performance AI cloud platform integrating machine learning, real-time training, AI computing, cloud storage, and data center management solutions. Designed to meet the most challenging requirements. Easy-to-use and manage across the cloud and the edge.





Real-Time Training


Distributed Ledger

Service Offered


From 0.85 $/GPU/h
Notebook uses the computing power of NBAI Cloud Platform to create and debug AI tasks online. Offering support to multiple programming languages


From 0.026 $/GB/month
Enable users to gain end-to-end visibility control of physical and virtual computing architectures


From 0.75 $/GPU/h
Machine Learning Service gathers high-performance computing resources and building an ideal production environment for designing large-scale machine learning models

*All prices in USD


NBAI offers different types of cloud computing solutions to fit your specific needs: public cloud, edge computing/private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions based on advanced distributed ledger technology (DLT)


Public Cloud

Providing high-powered computing resources and well-rounded production environment to design large-scale machine learning models


Edge Cloud Computing

Providing a complete on-demand environment for delivering shared services providing data storage, data security, virtualization, analytics, and cloud computing


Hybrid Cloud

Combining the advantages of public and private cloud, offering flexible deployment and Management

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