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Notebook using the computing power of NBAI Cloud Platform to create and debug AI tasks online. Offering support to multiple programming languages.


General Storage Service (GS2) using blockchain-based technology and container isolation technology to increase data security. Static storage prevents any third-party data breaches.


Machine Learning Service (MLS) gathering high-performance computing resources and building an ideal production environment for designing large-scale machine learning models.


Billing supporting credit card and NBAI payment. Billing and smart contract lease settlement.


Data Center Management (DCM) meeting real-time workload requirements, protecting user data with low latency and high data security. Compatible with Data Protection Compliance Regulation (GDPR)


Instance providing cost-effective computing resources, powerful AI computing servers equipped with 1~8 NVIDIA GPU arrays.


Container Native Service (CNS) consuming standard upstream NBAI Cloud Services and an integrated docker compliant container registry as a fully managed service.