Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Wallet

A blockchain wallet or crypto wallet is a type of software that stores your digital currencies and interacts with various blockchains to allow users to send or receive virtual currency and monitor their balance.

The development of the blockchain wallet also allows you to completely control your money and allows users to earn, monitor and transfer crypto coins. This helps in bringing out the best benefits of decentralization, security and transparency.

As a blockchain wallet development agency, Smart Crypto Solution offers the full range of wallet creation services. We build custom blockchain wallets on multiple blockchain platforms. In particular, for each enterprise, we will offer you the most optimal wallet solution, which will guarantee maximum performance and profitability.

Crypto Payment
Gateway Solution

Blockchain payments made simple and safe

For Merchants

Say goodbye to unpaid bills, credit card fees, and other fraudulent payments. With our crypto payment solution, you can accept multiple crypto-currencies at a time and every payment you receive can be immediately converted into a cash currency, protecting you against market volatility.

For Buyers

Our customized crypto payment solution eliminates the risk of fraudulent traders by providing comprehensive protection to the buyer and acting as a third-party broker if necessary. We protect your purchase from the moment you pay until delivery.

Token Solutions

Explore the enterprise benefits of blockchain-based tokens for asset management, investment models, and incentive alignment. Work with us to develop token solutions that unlock new business models and opportunities for value creation.

Blockchain Exchange

Blockchain exchanges are digitized online portals through which a user can trade a digital asset for another, depending on the asset’s retail value. Make sure not to confuse crypto exchanges for blockchain wallets or wallet brokerages. All you have to do is set up an exchange account on a crypto platform, transfer coins from your crypto wallet, and start trading. Some crypto exchanges allow trading your cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, while a few exchanges don’t permit this factor.