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Edge Cloud Computing

Nebula AI Edge Cloud Computing (ECC) Solution provides a complete on-demand environment for delivering shared services, to speed you along the path to the cloud. It is a purpose-designed and production-ready solution. In which converged infrastructure with servers, networking, General Storage Solution (GS2) and Data Center Management (DCM) solution, integrated by design.

ECC solution is useful for both the shared and exclusive GPU process. The server involves pooling resources from one or more physical servers and partitioning them into multiple servers. ECC solution allows services for data storage, data security, virtualization, analytics, and cloud computing. This solution is optimized for SMEs, academic institutions and research centers across various markets.

Nebula AI’s uniquely comprehensive approach and an extensive set of offerings make us a fitting partner to overcome the private cloud of today and create the foundation of tomorrow’s hybrid cloud solution.

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Joint computation offloading and multi-user scheduling algorithm, minimize the long-term average weighted sum of delay and power consumption under stochastic traffic arrival


GPU Enhanced
Make a single GPU act as if it were multiple separate GPUs. Emphasizes performance and runs directly on the available GPUs whenever possible


Provide security to keep your data safe from third-parties and unauthorized parties.